“Without doubt, L. Ron Hubbard is one of the most prolific and influential writers of the 20th century.” — Stephen V. Whaley, Ph.D., Professor of English and Foreign Languages

Ron, December 1940, on one of the three expeditions he conducted under the Explorer’s Club flag.

A lifelong photographer, his works have been displayed in galleries on two continents, with the definitive exhibition of his photographs still drawing tens of thousands every year.

Among other avenues of research, Mr. Hubbard developed and codified an administrative technology that is currently utilized by tens of thousands of organizations worldwide, including multinational corporations, charitable bodies, political parties, schools, youth clubs and thousands of small businesses.

Likewise, Mr. Hubbard’s internationally acclaimed drug rehabilitation program has proven five times more effective than other such programs. His unique solution not only addresses what drugs spell in terms of mental and spiritual debilitation, but also handles the underlying problems that led one to take drugs in the first place.

His contribution to the field of education is equally stunning, for his study technology provides the first fully workable approach to teaching students how to learn. It offers methods for recognizing and resolving all difficulties in absorbing material, including a previously unacknowledged barrier that ultimately lies at the bottom of all failures to pursue a given course of study. In short, the revolutionary methods he developed help anyone to learn anything.

His impact has been equally great in the field of criminal reform, with the development of an effective solution that addresses and handles the underlying cause of criminality that is today used in nearly 2,000 locations around the world, from Australia to England and Hungary to Mexico.

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