The Dynamics of Existence

The basic command followed by all life, “Survive!” is subdivided into eight dynamics (dynamic meaning urge, drive or impulse). All activities in one’s varied life can be inspected, understood and harmonized with all others to increase survival.

8th Dynamic

INFINITY, also commonly called God, the Supreme Being or Creator.

7th Dynamic

SPIRITUAL DYNAMIC — anything spiritual with or without identity, life source.

6th Dynamic

PHYSICAL UNIVERSE with its four components of matter, energy, space and time.

5th Dynamic

LIFE FORMS including all plant and animal life.

4th Dynamic

MANKIND as a species.

3rd Dynamic

GROUP SURVIVAL whether friends, a club, company, nation or race.

2nd Dynamic

FAMILY and children and all other creativity.

1st Dynamic

SELF — the individual, including his body, mind and immediate possessions.

Through Scientology principals, a person realizes that his life and influence extend far beyond himself. By understanding each of these dynamics and their relationship, one to the other, he is able to do so, and thus increase survival on all of these dynamics.

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