The Way to Happiness Foundation

Restoring Integrity

The Way to Happiness Foundation International is dedicated to instilling trust, honesty and self-respect in everyone it touches through The Way to Happiness booklet.

The Way to Happiness Foundation International is a nonprofit organization dedicated to restoring trust and honesty around the world through the publication and distribution of The Way to Happiness.

Written by L. Ron Hubbard, The Way to Happiness contains 21 precepts that guide a person on the road to a better life.

The first work of its kind based wholly on common sense, The Way to Happiness is designed to help people apply its precepts in their daily lives. Doing so gives one a chance to attain true and lasting happiness, and that is why this simple but powerful work has continued to have widespread popularity wherever its message is heard and used.

The power of The Way to Happiness is the simplicity of its use: an individual selects a friend, family member or co-worker, gives the person a copy of the publication, and asks him or her to read it. By giving the person additional copies, the book moves through the community, establishing tolerance and kindness in the lives of those it touches.

The Way to Happiness has helped tens of millions of people face the challenges of living by offering common-sense solutions for their problems. The guidelines in the book give an individual a road map to follow toward a happier and safer life.

The paths carrying The Way to Happiness throughout the world are virtually too numerous to count — youth groups, businesses, prisons, parades, banners, sporting events, marching bands — and although it may be impossible to fully measure that influence, one can say that with over 60 million booklets spread throughout 95 countries, that influence is everywhere.

The Way to Happiness Foundation International headquarters was established to bring happiness to the billions and serve as not only a hub for worldwide distribution of the book, but as an emanation point of the many programs which use it as their foundation.

From the beginning, The Way to Happiness Foundation International has seen to the broad distribution of the booklet and coordination of the many grassroots, volunteer-based campaigns that have been inspired by its common-sense guidelines. These include crime prevention campaigns, morals education programs and efforts to increase tolerance and respect among groups in conflict.

One such program based on The Way to Happiness is the “Set a Good Example Contest” where students in schools across America have applied precepts from the book and entered essays to the contest. This program has now spread to over 10,000 schools and over 12 million children have participated, and in testament to its effectiveness, teachers are reporting 90% increase in the children’s attitude and general moral standards.

In The Way to Happiness, L. Ron Hubbard has given everyone a guide by which they can chart a course to a world where violence is not a solution to the bumps in the road and where mutual respect and trust make the way smoother for all. The Way to Happiness Foundation International is active in revitalizing moral values and paving the way to a happier world.

As L. Ron Hubbard wrote, “If you can get others to follow the road, you yourself will be free enough to give yourself a chance to discover what real happiness is.”

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