Scientology Volunteer Ministers

Scientology Volunteer Ministers Helping Thousands

Across the world, Scientology Volunteer Ministers work to restore hope and well-being to society, and demonstrate that something can be done about it.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers are part of a worldwide grassroots movement open to those interested in helping others. The program answers the question "how can I help?" by providing a broad range of practical skills based on a true understanding of the spiritual nature of man, and the factors which influence his survival. With these skills, a Volunteer Minister can help relieve pain and sorrow, and remedy confusion, conflict, upset and even failure in virtually every aspect of life.

Today, Scientology Volunteer Ministers are active throughout the world, providing assistance in many different areas of life.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers The common denominator to all disasters, large and small, is the resulting trauma, loss, upset and stress that afflict both victims and responders. Volunteer Ministers from the Church of Scientology Tampa are trained to address these aspects of emergencies.

Volunteer Ministers deliver spiritual assists. These are techniques developed by L. Ron Hubbard to alleviate the spiritual component of physical pain, shock and emotional trauma. Assists are used to relieve stress or to orient a confused or distraught individual to his present environment. Thus he is able to regain calmness and stability and begin to cope with the immediate situation.

Volunteer Ministers work side-by-side with local officials, first responders, the Red Cross, Salvation Army and other disaster relief groups to fulfill the immediate needs in times of emergency. In Los Angeles, Volunteer Ministers undergo special training programs to become fully certified to work with other local relief organizations.

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