The Dynamics of Money

Money. Too little of it ends up in our bank accounts, and too much of it flows to our creditors. What is money? What does it represent? How does it flow, and how can you better control that flow? Many people seem to be obsessed with money, either having to have more and more all the time, or compulsively spending it so that they never have enough for the things they really need. Think what it would mean to your income and standard of living if you could really control your money flows. On the Dynamics of Money course, you learn just that!

Financial Success. Handling personal finances can be confusing — and risky. Everyone seems to be eager to give advice on the best ways to handle and safeguard our money, but what’s the real answer? Believe it or not, finance — whether personal or business — operates on certain basic, fundamental laws which have been isolated and are revealed on this course. When you know these laws, you can greatly improve your financial standing. Do this course and understand:

• Principles of exchange
• Credit standing
• Financial planning
• The secrets of solvency.

Practical drills and demonstrations will help you put this data to use with maximum effectiveness.

What is ruining your career?
Lack of ambition?
Lack of artistic ambition?
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What area of your life would you like to improve?

What is ruining your life?
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