The Personal Efficiency Course

For many people, happiness is an elusive quality. Surveys show that “being happy” is what a majority of people want most in life. That fact begs the question: Why are some people happy and others are not? And what can be done when happiness seems unattainable?

The first question is perhaps best answered by understanding exactly what happiness is. As to the second question, the answer requires understanding of the obstacles to personal happiness and learning how to overcome them. This understanding may be found in The Personal Efficiency Course.

Taken either on a part-time schedule over a period of five days or more intensively over a weekend, this course provides answers to many of the problems and obstacles encountered in life and gives attendees the opportunity to test the principles for themselves.

It is here, often for the first time, that the student experiences the gains available from auditing. This is done on a turn-about or “co-audit” basis where students audit each other on basic Scientology processes. In short, this course offers both personal experience and an analysis of the “basics” of life, in very real and practical terms.

While there are numerous basic courses in Scientology that address specific problems or aspects of life, the Personal Efficiency Course is broader and more fundamental.

“Just a few weeks ago, my life was very sad and it was going on with no direction at all.

“I started the Personal Efficiency Course and I began to be happier and happier every day, applying the knowledge I was gaining. Now I know that honesty, ethics and morals are very important in life, not only for myself but for other people around me as well.” — H.G.

It is for anyone who has ever wondered if there was more to life.

What is ruining your career?
Lack of ambition?
Lack of artistic ambition?
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What area of your life would you like to improve?

What is ruining your life?
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