The lowest confront there is, is the ability to confront evil. As man is basically good, he lacks understanding of the rationale and actions of those who do bad. But, make no mistake, these type of people do exist. And they are very rarely as obvious as the cackling “bad guys” in superhero movies.

Rather, they can be very covert. They profess to have your best interests at heart only to later show their true colors and do what was best for them. They soothingly speak of how much they care for you, but by their actions, it sure doesn’t seem like it. They can be so convincing!

As an artist, as a person with a vision of a better world, there are people who either already have or will eventually attempt to leech onto you in an effort to control you towards their own ends. They are so starved for the admiration others show you as an artist, that they will practically attempt to drink it out of you like a vampire. These are the people who give you the bad news, the criticisms, the “I’m sorry, but its the truth” and then once you’re down, they’re right there with their “advice” of what they think you should do.

There is much to know about these “suppressive” people. In fact, there is an entire branch of Scientology technology dedicated to knowing how to correctly spot and then handle their suppression so it doesn’t affect you.

As an artist, you can create a world of good.

You don’t need the illness, the accidents, the stress, the misfortune or worse — the destroyed reputation and life that having such people around one inevitably brings.

Learn how to predict human behavior. Learn how to shatter suppression.

Do The How to Confront and Shatter Suppression course. It’s an absolute must for every artist and person of prominence.

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