Celebrity Livewire January 2003

Scientologist celebrity Jason Lee
Jason Lee
Dreamcatcher poster

Actor Jason Lee stars with Julia Stiles and Selma Blair in A Guy Thing, the story of a good guy who wakes up after his wild bachelor party and can’t remember the night before. Soon his lies are spiraling out of control and his entire life is a series of comical misunderstandings. Jason’s next film, Dreamcatcher is also opening in theaters soon.

Scientologist celebrity Juliette Lewis
Juliette Lewis

Actress Juliette Lewis (right) was nominated for a 2003 IFP (Independent Feature Project) Independent Spirit Award, also known as the Indy Oscars, in the category of Best Supporting Female, for her work in HBO’s Hysterical Blindness with Uma Thurman.

Scientologist celebrity Leah Remini
Leah Remini

Actress Leah Remini is the voice of Vixen in the U.S. version of BBC’s animated Christmas special Robbie the Reindeer, shown this holiday season on CBS. Robbie the Reindeer is the story of Rudolph’s son Robbie as he attempts to secure a position in Santa’s team through a grueling reindeer olympics. Other actors lending their voices to the U.S. version include Ben Stiller as Robbie, Britney Spears as Donner, Jerry Stiller as Old Jingle, and Hugh Grant as Blitzen.

Scientologist celebrity Danny Masterson
Danny Masterson

Actor Danny Masterson from That `70’s Show just signed a new contract, along with fellow cast members. That `70’s Show has been picked up and will be on through 2004.

Poster for Old School movie
Old School

Luke Wilson, Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn, Juliette Lewis and Leah Remini star in Dreamworks’ Old School, the story of three men who relive their college days by opening a fraternity.

The Way to Happiness float
Lynsey Bartilson

Actress Lynsey Bartilson and children of the “Set a Good Example Club” rode the Way to Happiness float in this year’s annual Hollywood Blockbuster Spectacular. Sponsored by the Concerned Businessmen’s Association of America, the float was a tribute to children who help the nation by forwarding the ideals set forth in L. Ron Hubbard’s booklet, The Way to Happiness.

Scientologist celebrity Jennifer Aspen
Jennifer Aspen

Actress Jennifer Aspen has had a string of guest starring roles on some of television’s most popular shows, including CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Friends, The Agency, and The King of Queens (which stars Leah Remini).

Scientologist celebrity Billy Sheehan
VH1: Top 100 Greatest Love Songs

VH1 recently aired a 5-hour, 5-day special documenting the top 100 greatest love songs of all time, hosted by Jennifer Love Hewitt and narrated by Isaac Hayes. Making the list at #62 was “To Be With You” by Billy Sheehan’s former band Mr. Big. Also on the list at #21 was “You’re The One That I Want” by Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta.

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