Celebrity Livewire May 2003

Scientologist celebrity Michelle Stafford
Michelle Stafford

Actress Michelle Stafford won the “Best Actress” honor at the Soap Opera Digest Awards, which recently aired on SoapNet! Michelle has also been nominated for “Outstanding Lead Actress In a Drama Series” in this year's Daytime Emmys. 

Scientologist celebrity Danny Gonzales
Danny Gonzales

Professional skateboarder turned actor Danny Gonzales has starred in numerous commercials and recently booked two short films. He also participated in the X-Games on NBC. Danny now runs a school teaching young kids and actors the fundamentals of skateboarding.

Scientologist celebrity Linda Svendsen
Linda Svendsen

Photographer Linda Svendsen’s latest book, Bicycle Around the World, has recently been published and released to all major bookstores. Linda has completed her 6th book, called Good Green Homes, a book on environmentally-friendly homes, soon to be released.

Scientologist celebrity Jim Warren
Jim Warren

Artist Jim Warren painted a 32x48ft mural of his classic Wild Waters painting, which will hang for the next year on the side of Clearwater City’s Harborview Center and will be seen by everyone on the way to Clearwater Beach in Florida.

Scientologist celebrity Kelly Preston
Kelly Preston

Actress Kelly Preston stars in What a Girl Wants, with Amanda Bynes and Colin Firth, as the free-spirited mother.

Scientologist celebrity Juliette Lewis
Juliette Lewis

Actress Juliette Lewis was a guest speaker on the Montel Williams Show, along with Bruce Wiseman, President of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, speaking out against psychiatric drugging of children. Also on the show were parents of children who were pressured to drug their children, with disastrous consequences.

Scientologist celebrity Dante and Dion Basco
Dante and Dion Basco

Actors and brothers Dante and Dion Basco can be seen in the film Biker Boyz, also starring Laurence Fishburne, Orlando Jones and Kid Rock.

Scientologist celebrity Celia Xavier & Sherwood Ball
Celia Xavier & Sherwood Ball

The comedy short “Wine, Woman & a Song,” produced and starring Celia Xavier screened at Method Fest 2003, a film festival showcasing breakout acting performances. Sherwood Ball composed the music and performs an original tune on the soundtrack. The film has acquired distribution with Pathfinder Pictures.

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