The scripture of the Scientology religion consists of books, recorded lectures and films in which L. Ron Hubbard set out his discoveries and teachings.  In these works he not only describes the precise manner in which all forms of auditing should be ministered, he also described many other techniques that can be used to improve conditions in many areas of life.  Fundamentally Scientology is a body of knowledge which if applied correctly can lead to greater freedom, happiness and spiritual awareness.

Scientology training consists of learning this knowledge and learning how to apply it correctly to improve one’s own spiritual understanding and ability and to help others.

It is through training that one really becomes a Scientologist, a person able to give effective help to others.

Training occurs formally in courses delivered in Churches and Missions, by correspondence and on-line and also informally where people read or listen to Mr. Hubbard’s works at home or elsewhere and then apply those teachings to help others.